We're a SNES podcast

The Super Nintendo Exploration Squad is a podcast that dives deeply into randomly chosen SNES games. Hosted by two video game geniuses and starring a rotating cast of Select Button forum members, every 2 weeks we meticulously deconstruct a game using the 4 standard categories of video game discussion: Gun, Vanity, Investigation, and Revelation. We also go on a healthy amount of completely unrelated field trips into the minds of our cast. It's half rollicking video game argument, half self-absorbed inanity, but about the SNES.

How do I vote for your next game?

Go to our official Twitter! Votes happen once every two weeks, and it will be pinned to the top of the page. If you don't have a Twitter account...maybe just make one so you can vote?

Podcast Ethos

  • Dream Logic: The SelectButton method is to play as many games as humanly possible, then make obscure connections between their designs, history, and pretty much anything. Members of the Super Nintendo Exploration Squad apply that method to random SNES games.
  • Randomness: Roll the dice, play a game, that's our philosophy. We're explorers after all!
  • Non-Elitism: We know a lot of weird crap. It's important to explain it! It's more fun to include people then to exclude them.
  • Interactivity: You get to vote! We pick three random games, but you get final say on which one we play. Vote on our Twitter, it's usually the pinned tweet.
  • Hangoutitude: When it comes down to it, we're just a bunch of weirdos hanging out playing weird video games. Tangents are not just welcome, they are encouraged. Let's have fun playing video games!
  • Inclusiveness: We're not turds
  • Legality: We've bought every single game we've ever played. Emulation is illegal you know!!!!

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How to Contact Us

You can email us at snexploration@gmail.com

You can @ us on Twitter

You can send asks to Tumblr