Get to know our hosts and guests!

VastleCania - Hi there! I host the podcast, which means I set up the schedules, randomize the games, run the polls, and edit the final product. That said, what happens on the actual recording is not under my control. I also run the twitter account and this very website! You can find me on Twitter, and as VastleCania. Pronouns: they/them

Automatic Tiger - Possibly an actual tiger, AutomaticTiger is currently on a never ending voyage to consume as much weird knowledge as possible. She's equally as likely to ramble on about early christian history as to why the Sega Saturn’s Graphics Are Actually Really Good OK? Automatic Tiger is enthusiastic about assembling and painting small plastic war machine replicas, and perpetually planning a game that she’ll totally get around to working on one of these days. If you want more of her, she's on Twitter as @AutomaticTiger. Pronouns: She/Her

Bachelor - Bachelor is more than a game making dynamo, he is a 100% not a pervert. Despite this, he wanted me to copy Sinead O'Connor's personal ad as his profile, which is 100% perverted. He is currently working on Future Hall of Game game, DDD: You Can Find Happiness In The Perverted Arts and can be found on Twitter as BachelorSoft, and on as Hobo, because he is elusive. He also made all the art for the podcast! Pronouns: he/him

Blueberry Hill - More like Blueberry Chill. Is currently boycotting the podcast until we play a Picross game. Can be found on as The_Blueberry_Hill and at Pronouns: he/him

Cassie - Cassie is close to rivaling Courier for Pun Champion. She also brought to our attention that Pinball is for Horny Dads, and I haven't been able to look at anything the same way since that fateful day. She can be found on as wonder_momo. Pronouns: she/her

CourierRice - Previously the cohost; Courier keeps shit under control, and also adds a certain je ne sais quoi, by which I mean puns and dirty jokes. They also run the Tumblr account, and is generally amazing. Courier's mom is also amazing but will never be on the show due to contractual obligations. They can be found on Twitter, and as CourierRice. Pronouns: they/them

Feidian - Feidian joined the cast after I asked, due to his enthusiasm for the game of that week (see episode 15). His contributions were invaluable, and hopefully will be again soon! He claims his brain has rotted and filled with mold, but I don't buy it. He can be found on as Feidian and at his personal website, Pronouns: he/him

Godamn_Milkman - Godamn_Milkman doesn't hate Tetris 2 as much as I do. He has never delivered milk, but has earned his title nonetheless through means that I'd rather not discuss. I don't know what that means. He can be found on as Godamn_Milkman and on Twitter as magicalmatt42. Pronouns: he/him

Haché - Haché (pronounced hash-eh) is a French name because he is one of those French Canadians your parents warned you about. He never had a Super Nintendo as a kid, so he is literally an Explorer in this space, discovering a generation otherwise lost. There’s a rumour that he occasionally makes things that end up on, but don’t expect much. Pronouns: he/him.

Marina - Marina "Ferrets" Valerie Dolphin Emoji is an extremely beautiful and powerful warrior from the north. Nobody knows where their immense puzzle game skills come from, but some surmise that they were granted mysterious powers at the cost of human interaction. Marina can be found on Twitter as overheadkiss and as ferrets. Pronouns: they/them.

meauxdal - Meauxdal is the only world record holder to ever star on the cast. They can be found speedrunning various SNES and N64 games on Twitch, and on as Meauxdal. Pronouns: They/Them/She/Her

nocode - nocode is Jennifer Connelly's biggest fan, and has real great hair. nocode is a cool cat and our lives all richer for knowing them. They can be found on as nocode. Pronouns: they/them

Nut - Nut loves games, especially those weird ones where you move stuff around on a table. However, they have played a few of these fancy "electronic" games as well. Nut has a wonderful singing voice. Nut would like to be your friend. They can be found on Twitter as infinitnutshell. Pronouns: they/them

OneSecondBefore - OneSecondBefore is perhaps the most relaxed in the group of regulars. He chooses to drive backwards on all race tracks, explore the strangest corners of every game we play, and is probably the most ardent supporter of Battle Jockey: Press Start To FIGHT ME! OneSecondBefore once got told by a cop that he was short enough to be a jockey, and then was nearly arrested for graveyard mischief. OSB can be found as OneSecondBefore. Pronouns: he/him

Rudie - Rudie is our confirmed guest host and dreams of emotional honesty. He lives in Tokyo, Japan chronicling the last gasp of video games. You can find more of his opinions on the Hinge Problems podcast and @Tokyorude on twitter. Pronouns: he/him

Sakurina - Our resident salaryman is a real cool guy. He knows Japanese which makes him terrifically valuable for a podcast about random SNES games. He also has played more Pachinko than anyone on earth. He is currently playing through every single WonderSwan game in chronological order and uploading it to youtube. He can be found on Twitter and as Sakurina. Pronouns: he/him.

Shrug - Shrug is undefinable and exists outside of time. He's been on the show almost as much, if not more or exactly the same amount of times, as Tulpa. With his trademark dry humor and generative properties, Shrug will never disappoint you. Shrug can make knives. Shrug can be found on Twitter as Shrugopolis, and on as Shrug. Pronouns: he/him

Tulpa - Tulpa may be our most regular guest. Tulpa has amazing taste. Tulpa is a real game blaster. Tulpa may be slightly intimidating, but that's just because they have exquisite and esoteric taste. Tulpa can be found on Twitter as Memorious Tulpa, and on as Tulpa. Pronouns: they/them

Ymer - Ymer won the contest for our Tenthiversary and got to pick a game! He then guested on that very episode (10), and has gone down in legend since then. Otherwise, little is known of him. He can be found on as Ymer. Pronouns: he/him