SelectButton - Where it all began! SelectButton is a forum for Video Game Geniuses And Otherwise Reprehensible People. It's got some of the most well-played people with the most interesting and inane opinions ever formed about games. Do you take games seriously? Then sign up!

SelectButton Podcast - A sporadically produced podcast of half rollicking argument about videogames, half self-absorbed inanity. It's a lot like those movies where the kids are playing a cool videogame, and then they get sucked into the videogame, but now when they die in the game ... THEY DIE FOR REAL. Found an every reputable podcatcher, but also iTunes.

No Rangers Allowed - Another Selectbuttoneer podcast, but this time it's Dungeons and Dragons! Podcast regular Tulpa GMs for fellow forumers Gary, Shrug, km, and CubaLibre. As the editor of Snexploration, I gotta say...this is a good podcast. It's my favorite DnD podcast, and that's saying a lot!

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